Leo love horoscope march 13

The confusion of the first half of the month comes to an end on Saturday, September Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces, bringing clarity to what's been on your mind. Sun enters Libra on the fall equinox on Monday, September As Libra is ruled by Venus, go as over-the-top with your beauty routine as you like.

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Make out with someone but careful not to mess up your lipstick during the new moon on Saturday, September Damn, Aries, you're one powerful ram. Step into your personal power this month and expect others to notice. The only catch? Libra season asks you to compromise to find time to share your shine with others. Read your full September horoscope here.

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Break out the selfie stick, Taurus, because this month is all about embracing vanity and showing off your fabulousness to the rest of the world. However, don't be surprised if shake-ups in your inner circle take place. New eyes will be all over your thirst traps. Yes, you get to go out and party this month, Gemini, but September also lights up the part of your chart that rules finance.

12222 Love Horoscope Predictions

If anyone owes you money it's time to get paid. September emphasizes your creative side, and that includes your lovemaking, especially on the Pisces full moon on Friday, September Oh, and it's time to cut off any vampires who are using you. Saturn ends its retrograde this month, asking you to check in on your health. And yes, that includes your happiness. Just remember to keep thinking about your loved ones. As we enter Libra season, the sign of balance, reflect on power dynamics within your relationships.

This month asks you to cut ties with anyone and anything that is holding you back.

Taurus 12222 Horoscope

Happy solar return Libra, your season begins on Monday, September Please be yourself and flirt with everyone you want. When Saturn goes direct on Wednesday, September 18, expect creative success or positive professional news. You are blessed with insight and clarity of vision as you move into the new current for the future. You earn goodwill and appreciation as you work with groups and support institutions. Don't have great expectations in any aspect or you could be disappointed.

Colour silver. You make a decision and move forward with new attitudes and priorities. You go beyond illusions outside and go within yourself to find your truths. Sorting out the important from the trivial adds to good management of professional and personal matters. You are innovative and creative professionally with new ideas and quick-witted answers that open a few doors for you. You relate and share happy times with family and loved ones. You make a move or change that has been an important goal for some time.

Colour royal blue. Profit in business is imminent but you need to continue creative activity for ventures to progress further.

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A Virgo person gives you advice and wonderful support. Your established personal relationship is reassuring and loving, you need to be caring in turn. A change of energy, pace, focus and scene is needed and is made possible. Health improves as you change your diet and take to Yoga, spiritual healing and happy pastimes. It's best to be light, celebrative and in touch with your sense of humour today. Colour deep saffron. Whatever can be taken away from you at this stage is not worth keeping so don't have any fears but feel free and courageous to be creative and original.

Assessments need to be made with wisdom and clarity. Your business acumen and creativity are put to test. The Moon in Capricorn today, will make you want to connect with your loved ones who are in need of such help. This will work as a panacea for your ego. Those of you wanting to de-stress today should go have some fun. A little bit of party, some dancing or singing is the ideal detox for you.

Leo Love Horoscope

Number 2 is lucky for you, say astrologers at Astroyogi. Click here for a more personalised reading. Today, you could be reminiscing about some good times you had with your loved ones. You have always been the life of any party as you can go all the way, while letting your hair down, are full of energy, entertaining and crazy fun. The Moon in Aquarius will remind you to indulge more often in activities that you love.

With the kind of temperament you have, you really need to de-stress often.

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  • Sing, dance, go to comedy shows…. The only problem with you is that, you like to be the one who will organise, since you feel you can plan the best.

    So fine; do it your way! An ideal time during the day to undertake anything important will happen between pm and pm.

    Wearing indigo will prove lucky for you today. Bogged down with too much responsibility in your plate, the Moon in Aquarius will make you reminiscent about some good times. You are being made to prove your worth as a leader, which may be hurting your ego. You may recall today, how you enjoyed unquestioning subservience to every wish of yours. Do not fret Leo. Your confidence in your ability to succeed has always had people in awe of you. Do not lose this confidence. Wear something in white for peace and luck.

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